Watch: Crowded scenes as thousands locked in the ‘happiest place on Earth’ at Shanghai Disney

The coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has had a profound impact on the world economy as well as for individual companies and industries. The gambling industry in Macau has been no exception, with casinos having to close for more than two weeks from February 2020.

1. Is Macau adhering to an “dynamic zeroCOVID policy?”

The “dynamic zeroCOVID” policy is a procedure which Macau follows as a way to stop the COVID-19 virus from spreading. This also involves the restriction of certain zones for example Shanghai Disney. This is to prevent people from gathering in huge groups, and also to prevent them from coming into close contact with other people.

2. What is the reason that casino operators in Macau waiting for a ruling from the government concerning new licensing?

In the meantime, as the novel coronavirus continues to infect China, many businesses are experiencing the consequences. Casino operators in Macau are among the ones that are affected by this virus. They’re waiting for a confirmation by the Chinese government regarding what they can do to get the new licences. The outbreak was first noticed in the city Wuhan which is located to the west of central China. It has since spread across China to various other regions, including in the Special Administrative Region (Macau). In the wake of the outbreak, several enterprises in the area were forced to shut down, including all of the casinos. Macau’s economy has suffered a significant loss due to the closing of Macau’s casinos. A lot of people have experienced the effects of the losses in revenue to gaming, which is an important contributor to Macau’s GDP.

Quick Summary

It is impossible to stop the novel coronavirus from causing the destruction of a large number of people and killing them all over the globe. Many businesses are forced to shut down while authorities seek to discover the information provided by affected people. In some cases, a weekend in the park could become a nightmare and will endanger your life. This is the reality of this pandemic which we’re currently facing.

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