The 8 Best Careers For Extroverts According To Myers-Briggs

There are a variety of career possibilities that are open to extroverts who like social interaction. This includes Psychiatrist or lawyer, management consultant and Flight attendant. They require strong communication skills. In case, however, you’re someone who is shy, you might want to reconsider a career within these areas.


Therapists need to be a good listener as well as be able to assess the concerns of your client while not dominating the conversation. The extrovert also excels in discerning between lines and knowing what people require or need.

Extroverts are generally outgoing. People who are extroverts love social interaction and may be more efficient in highly-spaced situations. A job that is suited to your personal style can make it easier to find satisfaction in the everyday, regardless of whether or not you’re more introverted or an extrovert.


If you have a great deal of confidence and enjoy having fun with others, then an occupation as lawyers could be good option. It is essential to have excellent communication skills to work with lawyers who are involved in a range of social issues. Lawyers aren’t only expected to be present in courtrooms however, they are also required many other tasks like researching and writing legal documents.

A great option for those who are extroverted is to teach. To engage students you will need to be a great communicator. Teachers who are outgoing are greatly appreciated. There is also the possibility of working as nurse. Nurses have to be in contact with patients often and therefore, a nurse who is outgoing is a great choice for any healthcare facility.

Management Consulting

For those who love to party, management consulting is to be one of the most fulfilling careers, offering high pay and flexible working hours. The role requires a strong capacity to connect this makes it perfect for people with a social personality. It isn’t without challenges when you’re an introvert. If you’re prone to fear of social interaction, you could not be able to work as an effective management consultant.

Being an introvert, may find it difficult to work with a group of individuals, however you may enjoy being alone for just a short time. In addition, many work opportunities designed for people who are introverts only require minimal social interaction, allowing the creative mind wander freely. Writing, pharmacy and graphic design are ideal options for introverts.

Flight attendant

An ideal job as a flight attendant is if you’re social and like having a blast meeting new people. There is always a chance to meet new people , and searching for ways to improve customer service. Your job will require you to connect with people effectively and be able to relate to their experiences. The ability to empathize with emotions is essential for flight attendants. The first-time passengers should feel at ease and they should be able of attracting them. They also need to be able to respond quickly to any problems or worries which may arise.

The flight attendants are people-oriented who enjoy working within a group. They like meeting new people and encouraging other members of the team. In addition, they often have fun organizing events and celebrations for their company, and stoking the company spirit. They take on a range of duties, such as helping passengers locate their seats, observing security regulations and catering to the needs of their passengers.

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