Kevin Durant Is Not Amused By Jordan Poole’s Behind-Back

Jordan Pooles made a ton of errors and Kevin Durant had a lot to comment on it.Jordan Pooles made a lot of mistakes in the Rising Stars Challenge game against Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. He mishandled the ball a few times, got accused of a technical and even had an interview with ESPN when he confessed that he was drunk. In total, he threw three interceptions in the match.

Kevin Durant has a lot of things to say about the issue

“He is prone to making a lot of mistakes and that’s one reason why you don’t need him to be in the NBA.” Kevin Durant on Jordan Pooles. Kevin Durant on Jordan Pooles

What did Kevin Durant say about Jordan Pooles.

Kevin Durant stated that Jordan Pooles was an improved player if he could have played with more consistency. Durant accused Pooles of having the “bad back” and complaining about his shooting throughout the entire game. Durant declared Jordan Pooles might have performed better as a normal player and he could be scoring more points.

Was Kevin Durant critical of Jordan Pooles’s performance?

Kevin Durant said that he would have been more successful had Jordan Pooles had played more regularly. Kevin Durant stated that Jordan Pooles was not his style of play.


Kevin Durant was very critical of Jordan Pooles’ errors. Kevin Durant criticized Jordan Pooles errors and claimed that he might have played better if Jordan Pooles played more consistently. Jordan Pooles’ performance was poor, not to mention his level of consistency being lower than normal. If you’re trying to make an an impact on the NBA you might be recommended to stay clear of Jordan Pooles.

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