Army Wives association provides counselling for lifestyle diseases to serving, retired personnel: a novel approach to supporting our troops

Introduction The Army Wives Association provides counselling on lifestyle disorders for current or retired personnel; and their families. The two languages of English and Spanish are accessible for consultation. On Mondays, Fridays , and Saturdays, counseling services are available from 9am-12pm. For more information visit

This is where the Army Wives Association can help you.

Conditions of the body that could impact military personnel include sleep apnea, obesity, stress fractures, anxiety disorders and many other. For aid and assistance from the Army Wives Association to enhance your quality of living.

What can you get from the Army Wives Association do for you?

There are a variety of resources that are available to military spouses in order to aid them to live their lives. They offer online resources, newsletters, chat rooms as well as other. is a website dedicated to helping service or retired military spouses living with lifestyle diseases. The site also has more information on the group’s Facebook page and Twitter page.

What can you do to get started in the Army Wives Association.

To join to join the Army Wives Association, you have to be married or a girlfriend of an officer in the army. To find out more about the association and its products, check out their website or call one of their memberships desks. They provide Army Wives Association provides counselling regarding lifestyle ailments for current or retired military personnel.

Discover more information on The Army Wives Association

Army Wives Association members have access to a wide range of resources, including videos and podcasts. The organization also offers group support and other opportunities to meet other military wives and friends.

Get Help from the Army Wives Association

TheArmyWivesAgency offers online access to numerous resources including podcasts, blogs, articles, and social media platforms. They also offer assistance groups, and even events that can help you meet other military wives and girlfriends.If you are struggling with an illness of the lifestyle that’s affecting your spouse or loved ones, seeking help with The Army Wives Association may be the most effective solution to help you.Tips for Successfully Living an Authentic Life as the Service member’s Wife.Being the best wife you can be is the most important aspect to live a good life being a wife of a military service member. For this to be achieved you must maintain an appropriate balance in your life. It’s about spending time with loved ones and family, getting active and managing your stress.

Make sure you are savvy about your spending

If you’re spending money take care when you spend. You’ll be able to relax with your time , and not worry about your finances by being successful in managing your finances. You can also reduce the amount you spend when in a position to do so. This can help you manage stress and increase your satisfaction as a wife serving within the army.

Make a good wife

Make yourself a great husband by being one that is attentive to her own demands and wants at the top of her list. That means you must ensure that you’re content with your attire, hairstyle, and lifestyle selections. Each of these influence how you do as a wife during the military. Be with your husband whenever he’s away from home serving his country or in the workplace. It will help him to stay on task and maintain a healthy work/life balance.


The Army Wives Association can help to achieve a healthy lifestyle balance while being a member wife. Through learning about lifestyle illnesses that affect retired or serving personnel receiving assistance by The Army Wives Association, and enjoying a fulfilling life as a service member wife, you can maintain your well-being and health while serving as a military.

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