An Overview of How Natural Light Has Influenced the Evolution of Art

Cane Roots Art Gallery in downtown Christiansted is hosting an exhibition called “Color of Light” exhibit during Art Thursday, from : 2 pm to 5 pm. The two generations of Crucian artists, El Roy Simmonds (and Niarus Walker) will exhibit their art in the gallery. They have an interest in expression. This “unconscious action” culminated in an exhibition that highlights each artist’s unique style of expression through light and shadow, which will be open to the public from Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 4 pm until pm, until the month of May .

David Simmonds was born and raised in Christiansted. He received an BA from the College of the Virgin Islands and is now part of it is the University of the Virgin Islands. He was then an exchange scholar at the ***** Academy, Copenhagen, Denmark. There he researched the history and relationship between Denmark’s Virgin Islands. The results of this research are evident in his more recent works. He obtained the Masters in Fine Art at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. In the Pratt Institute, he developed his techniques toward drawing, painting and sculpture of live models. After returning home He taught over a period of time.

Simmonds is a renowned figure for his contributions to many areas, such as fine arts, teaching music and entrepreneurship, retired in. The numerous international exhibits he has held, including in New York, Denmark, Haiti and New York, have earned his the name “culture carryer”. His exhibition “If Walls could talk” The artist analyzed the patterns, colors and lines in Frederiksted Fort’s architectural design. Through this collection, he questioned what had happened. While considering the events in these rooms as slaves were held, Simmonds remarked it to be a surreal event.

It is impossible to know what happened during the Danish Empire; however, if those walls could speak in a way, perhaps we’d get a better knowledge. Nigel Simmonds’ artworks, for instance “The The Color of Light” as well as “Miss VI America”” are a good example of this. As Simmonds himself remarks, “‘Miss VI America’ dresses in clothes typical of the older generation. This proud senior citizen is wearing her most stylish hat. It’s a striking contrast to Walker’s depiction of youth in the present. The artist either symbolic or still-life-based explores beauty to convey a feeling of its infinite value.

Walker said that “generational memories” is the term used to describe the transmission and recording of emotions (emotions like fear, pain or joy) that can form individuals’ identity which can then impact the family. It was clear that the students are making sense of their identity as they grow up, which is why she has them painted. Additionally, Walker stated that she as well as Simmonds are influenced by the ‘old school’ design of light and shadow in their artwork. Walker defines herself as a artistic artist as well as an art educator.

Walker, hailing from Dominica, WI and having been to St.Croix when she was a child has no experience in the world of art. She is a distinguished graduate of BFA from Moore College and an MS in art Education in Art Education from Florida State University, she is an art instructor at St.Croix on the secondary or high school level for many time. She has had her works displayed in galleries throughout the United States as well as internationally. Regarding her exhibition alongside renowned artist El’ Roy, Walker declared her appreciation, and said “I am beyond honored to exhibit with an artist like El Roy.

Learning Outcome

Walker’s understanding of generational memories is the foundation of her artistic expression. This understanding of memory is what has made Walker an artist with a distinct way of telling stories and photographing short moment. Walker’s art is a beautiful reflection of mundane objects, while highlighting the importance of self-expression and self-expression and. The artwork of Walker encourages the viewer not only to contemplate their emotions, experiences and experiences, but also to consider how these can carry on through generations.

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